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Very skilled, effective, and helpful. Her technique is kind and understanding yet direct and to the point. She asks the right questions so to get to the underlying cause of the mental roadblocks. And she has precise tools to help me overcome them quickly. Thanks!

J. C., California, USA

Nikolina is really good in providing clarity when your brain is clouded. She makes use of her formal psychology education in offering advice. Very positive attitude, flexible and willing to go the extra mile. I recommend her highly as a coach, consultant and mentor.

R. A., New York, USA

Nikolina was great! she was very professional and really tried hard to understand the root of issues and help me find ways to rectify them. Our sessions have direction and often productive. Often they produce good outcome. Most of my sessions usually help me see things in a different light or sometimes, by her just asking me questions helps me find my own solution by just talking it out loud to her. She directs our sessions strategically and very well organised and yet lets me talk out other pressing issues. She handles off topic well and knows how to bring it back to topic yet have the patience to listen and respond to them.

C. R., New Castle, UK