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Have you ever experiences a panic attack? Have you had the following symptoms?

Sudden, very strong fear;

Shallow breathing and feeling of  suffocation;

• Feeling of dizziness or fainting;
• Palpitations and rapid heartbeat;
• Shaking;
• Sweating;
• Interference in the stomach;
• Cold and hot flushes in the body;
• Pains in the chest;
• Sometimes there is the premonition of disaster;
• The organic causes of the attack can not be identified;
• Basically everything lasts for  a few minutes (less often for several hours) and after that a person feels very exhausted

This condition is usually accompanied by thoughts: “I’ll die!”, “I have a heart attack!”, “I’m gonna faint!” “I’m gonna suffocate!”, “I’ll lose control over my behavior!”, “I’ll start screaming,” ” No one is able / willing to help me! “,” I’ll faint! “,” I’ll embarrass myself! “and so on.

If a person felt at least 4 of these symptoms during a panic attack and if the panic attack occurred at least 4 times per month, it is likely that the person  developed  the so-called  panic disorder.

Often the sudden attacks like this can happen when a person is suffering for a long time from some kind of anxiety disorder (agoraphobia, claustrophobia, generalized anxiety, etc.), and therefore it is said that a panic attack came as “icing on the cake.”

Having fear  that panic attack can repeat (“fear of fear”), the person begins to avoid places and circumstances in which it already had this unpleasant experience (for example, regardless of how a destination is long, the person does not take the public transportation, but prefers to  go on foot, or to avoid large crowds, and the like.) or he uses the the so called  protective behaviors(for example, the make the  strategy to get out of the transport if they have signals that the panic attack  will start) in order to avoid it. Such life can be very restrictive and deprives person from flexibility to move at the same pace as before the attacks appeared.

If this condition is not treated on time, it may cause serious anxiety disorders  or even depression.
Psychotherapy is a treatment where the goal is to educate the client about how he himself affects the creation of these internal symptoms that create fear. Through psycho education , the client learns  specific techniques that help him face his fear, overcome it and continue to live normally, without limiting activities.

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