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Emotions are small signals that help us evaluate the level of our satisfaction with our lives. They can help us check whether we are mentally healthy or we need to talk with the professional who can help us decode and attach them which actually leads to mental recovery. Furthermore, emotions represent the true guide which shows us the right ways in our lives and the aspects of our personalities and behavior that we need to develop.

To recognize the inner feelings when then appear represent the skill called self consciousness and it makes the base of the emotional intelligence.

We need to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy emotions, in order to have developed self consciousness.

Unhealthy emotions are characterized by great intensity and long duration. The person often says that he or she feels their heaviness but they don’t know how to free from them. They hardly control them and experience immense negative influence on everyday functioning (poor appetite, insomnia, inability to concentrate, etc.).When the person experiences unhealthy emotions, it mainly manifest as the sign that he/she is in a very difficult moment in life or that he/she  enters a certain psychological magic circle that can lead to certain mental disease. To prevent this situation, it takes time to go to the psychologist or psychotherapist who can teach you the techniques for the regulation of unhealthy emotions.

On the other hand, healthy emotions help us to continue with our lives even though we don’t feel good about one situation. They are not so intensive and long in duration.

Every unhealthy emotion can be compensated by its healthy replacement, but it requires disciplined everyday work in cooperation with the psychotherapist or counselor who can teach us how to apply this fact.

Unhealthy negative emotions Healthy negative emotions
Anxiety Concern
Depression Sadness
Guilt Remorse
Shame Disappointed
Hurt Sorrow
Unhealthy anger Healthy anger
Unhealthy jealousy Healthy jealousy
Unhealthy envy Healthy envy

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